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Pared Down Sets Revealed: Inside Songs from the Couch at Maud's Variety

I arrived at Maud's on Mitton Street in Sarnia on a Sunny Sunday afternoon absorbing the optimistic anticipation from a crowd of mingling musicians, artists, and cool shit enthusiasts: we were awaiting the beginning of what would be the first of its hopefully regularly recurring "Songs From the Couch" event. Live recorded, pared down sets performed by local artists inside Maud's Variety, the former "Harry's Restaurant" location and regular host of original and independent artistic talent was on the agenda today as I pulled in alongside one of two newest contributors to mouthpiece magazine: photographer/videographer Ethan Trepanier. Our mission today was to document the "Tiny Desk meets MTV Unplugged" pared down performances taking place in the heart of Mitton Village.

Conceived of by Matt Delaroche (A Loud Thing) and Dane Hansen (Puce), the pair organized the event with Delaroche explaining between sets he sees so many talented artists and musicians leaving Sarnia who often believe they need to take their work in music out of town, and underlined the importance of not dispersing but supporting and elevating the local scene.

The first of what would later be announced as a one-per-season (4x/year) event, Songs from the Couch on this particular Sunday featured opener Paul Cammeart, who, legend has it, can perform so many styles and genres you never know what you're going to get. (On this day he played a blues set). Next to hit the the stage was A Million Ghosts, taking listeners on a ethereal sound adventure with a trance-inducing presence, followed by psychedelic rock band A Loud Thing. Next was Puce (Sarnia's own hard rocking, good time Charlies) and finally, Gucc, as per all reports on Instagram, the "great value brand electronic band."

If you want to get a taste for the unique sounds of each of these bands, check out this black and white teaser video footage of the event here:

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