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Kickflip into a Sonic Storm: Lights on the Bowl Skate Jam at Tecumseh Park

Thrill-seekers and music aficionados! If you're looking for an unforgettable experience that combines mind-blowing live music at a skate park, get ready for the Tecumseh Skate Jam and Music Festival on July 22, 2023. While we're at it, get Bob Bailey on the line 'cause rumour has it that accompanying these acts, there will be one hell of a barbeque.

The Lineup:

12:00pm - Weird Neighbours 1:00pm - PUCE 2:00pm - A Loud Thing

3:00pm - The Swims

4:00pm - Hartlet

5:00pm - Toromogo

6:00pm - Roof Rats

7:00pm - Lovers

Grab your board, grab your appetite, grab your dancing shoes and grab your local MPP: you are absolutely not going to want to miss this event.

Event poster by @zoopstagram

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